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John T's Made Tobacco History


The return of a cult favorite… John T’s Flavored Cigars are gearing back into shape to spearhead the cigar world and show how an excellent flavored smoke is supposed to be. With a varied catalog of classic flavors like, Vanilla, Peach Whiskey, and Cherry Cream, John T’s has grown its branches producing tube bundles that feature a revamped wave of flavors such as Café Ole, Amaretto, and Cappuccino. And they’re just getting started. Resting in a freshly redesigned mini-chest, every cigar is wrapped in a master-quality Ecuadorian tobacco leaf while the core is a heavenly aromatic blend of top-tier pipe tobacco. As a result, John T’s is bringing in a new age of smokers who’re discovering this forgotten gem and bringing back the veterans who know this occasion has been way overdue.

World's 1st Hand-rolled Pipe Tobacco


The name John T’s has been the source of great pride having been passed down to each generation with the same goal: putting a smile on every smoker’s face. With the admirable idea of combining lush super deluxe pipe tobacco with the masterful art of cigars, John T’s has prospered from its humble roots into a flavored cigar fan favorite! When the brand was born in 1967, passion was flourishing throughout the family’s small tobacco shop into making a remarkable impact in the smoke market and they did just that in 1984 with John T’s. Fast forward to present day and John T’s is stronger than ever, pleasing millions of satisfied customers and constantly reeling in new ones! Catering to various delectable flavors and cigar tastes, we’re looking forward to putting a smile on your face very soon.

Meet the John T's Cigar Line

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Meet the John T's Cigar Line

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